Vitamin/Nutrient Panel – $286.99

Description: The Vitamin/Nutrient Panel is used to check the levels of the vitamins and minerals listed below. In addition to the listed vitamins and minerals, a Complete Blood Count and Comprehensive Metabolic Profile are included in the panel. Includes: -Ferritin, Serum -Homocyst(e)ine, Plasma -Iron Serum w/ TIBC -Magnesium, Serum -Methylmalonic Acid, Serum -Vitamin B12 and […]

Zinc, Plasma or Serum – $52.99

Description: This test is used to monitor exposure to zinc; evaluate suspected nutritional inadequacy, especially in enteral or parental nutrition, critically ill or burn patients; cases of diabetes or delayed wound healing; growth retardation; follow therapy, for example when higher intravenous zinc doses are used to balance excessive ongoing GI losses in long-term total parenteral […]